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TCCA welcomes EU approval for Mobile Broadband at 700 MHz

The EU Parliament Plenary has cleared the way for mobile broadband in the 700 MHz band.

TCCA welcomes professional and critical PTT 4G expertise from new member, Spanish company Genaker

Barcelona, Spain, Monday 13 March: Professional and critical PTT (Push to Talk) Spanish company Genaker, founded by ex-employees of the Nokia R+D centre, has announced its membership of the TCCA, …

P3 testing of 4G broadband services for public safety

How can public safety and other mission critical users be sure they’ll get adequate service from future broadband networks and operators?

TCCA defines key focus points for critical communications LTE decisions

15 February 2017: The TCCA, global representative for the critical communications industry, has defined the key focus points for governments looking to implement public safety networks based on LTE. Spectrum, …

Middle East and Africa predicted to show fastest rate of digitization in the world

Critical communications market set for significant growth 14 November 2016: The Middle East and Africa (MEA) will experience the fastest rate of digitization in the world according to analysts IHS Markit. …

White Papers

July, 2016: A review of the Spectrum Status for Broadband PPDR in Europe

December, 2015: Considerations for Government Authorities acquiring Mission Critical Broadband Services

February, 2015: In February 2015 P3 communications undertook a study for the TCCA titled “Study on the relative merits of TETRA, LTE and other broadband technologies for critical communications markets” A copy can be downloaded from this link: P3 TETRA, LTE and other broadband technologies

October, 2014: Overview of standard TETRA Cryptographic Algorithms and their rules for management and distribution

July, 2014: What are standards and why are they important?

June, 2014: TETRA for the extraction sector – mining, oil and gas industries 

June, 2014: TETRA and LTE Working Together 

December, 2013: The strategic case for mission critical mobile broadband